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Are you a person who knows the World Wars like the back of their hand? Do you regail your friends with facts of the Roman Empire much to their shagrin? Can you name all the great conquerors of history in order of empire size? If so then The Ginquizition is the trivia night for you! The Ginquizition is a game for history buffs, game show connoisseurs, and drinking enthusiasts alike. If you enjoy pub quiz trivia and know your kings, conquerors, ladies, and legends, you'll love banging your head against our metaphorical Great Wall, Wailing Wall, or Berlin Wall of questions while throwing back a few at your favorite PDX watering hole. 

The Ginquizition combines the atmosphere of a pub quiz with the fun of a game show while focusing on anything and everything relating to world history.


Each show is portrayed in a multiple choice format consisting of three rounds with ten questions each.

After the multiple choice questions, the round finishes with two alternating segments that engage the audience more interactively.

As each round progresses question points increase and alternating segments are worth double points.

All questions are projected visually. 



Oratory Glory: (x2 pts) Contestants must identify the orators of historic speeches from audio clips played through a voice modulator.

Pictionary: (x2 pts) Pictionary is a visual segment where the host sketches a person or event that the audience must name.



Viking No Viking: (x2 pts) A multiple choice selection of 3 historic viking names and 1 fictitious viking name which the contestants must identify.

What If?: (x2 pts) A multiple choice question in which contestants are given a historical event and must select the subsequent event that was not directly effected by it.

Temporal Perspective: (x2 pts) A multiple choice question designed to show simultaneous global events in different cultures through history.


The team with the most points at the end of round three wins the game, prizes, glory, and bragging rights.


In 2009 I created the Video Game Quiz Show, a monthly trivia night based on retro and modern video game trivia that took place at Ground Kontrol, an arcade/bar in Portland Oregon. It was my first time creating a trivia night and I wanted to pull out all the stops and make it more akin to a full fledged game show. Complete with buzzers, jeopardy boards and snazzy ties, my Co-Host and I would once a month unleash a litany of inquisition upon our audience. Complete with pub quiz rounds, Jeopardy board, lightning rounds, "Name that tune," and gameplay challenges we gave the fans a truly unique experience. Themed shows were introduced giving way to favorites like "Games we Heart" in February and our infamous annual October "Spooktacular" episode. Local businesses sponsored the show with merchandise for prizes, tournaments were often held honoring the winners with handmade trophies and everlasting glory. I am very proud of what the VGQS became and hope to recreate such an event and atmosphere in The Ginquizition

The VGQS still runs monthly at Ground Kontrol.



The Video Game Quiz Show


Though the Ginquizition offers many elements that are unique in presentation for a trivia night,

we are still striving to introduce even more ideas for the show and our audience.

Some of these ideas include:


  1. Jeopardy style buzzer system capable of interfacing with 4 teams

  2. Historically themed buzzers

  3. Interactive drinking questions

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